The Premise:

You are a scientist and your quest for definitive research on Canis lupus familiaris has led you to one place - the dog park. Sure, you could study dogs in your lab (pun intended), but you need data gathered more organically. Every time you analyze a subject (shown by the blue bar), you get a bit closer to gaining a new data point(s) (shown by the green bar). Data points can be used to purchase some upgrades or exchanged for money to  purchase other upgrades. Simply click on the dog to get started.

This is a clicker game created for the "All You Do is Click Click Click" Game Jam.

This is my first game in Phaser and first time doing a game for a game jam. I ran out of time, so there's no menu screen (it would have probably just been the cover image with a "Play" button on it, but oh well) and the graphics are pretty simple.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it at all. I may want to revisit this at some point and add some things (menu, more dogs, animations, etc).

Constructive criticism welcome.

Made withPhaser
Tagsclicker, Dogs
Average sessionAbout an hour

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